Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

If you are trying to explore as many places as possible like us, you might want to add Yellowstone National Park to your list.
Let's start from the beginning. 
  • Grand Teton National Park is connected to Yellowstone National Park. Buy the America the Beautiful Pass at the first park to get into all National Parks for $80. Plus you get a cool card and can feel outdoorsy af. 
  • Get a camping spot in advance. We almost had to sleep in the car in the one parking lot that allows you to do so. The camping spots during peak season fill up fast. There are hot showers though. 
  • We flew into Salt Lake City, Utah. This saved us about $500 on flights and the rental car is about $500 cheaper as well. The drive to the parks are about 6 hours away BUT you get to go on a cool road-trip. SMART
  • We bought a styrofoam cooler at a Walmart and packed a bunch of groceries. (Solid idea if you're flying) We cooked everyday and night. Camping is fun. Get a mini burner on Amazon and thank us later. 
  • We got a tent that fits in our suitcase. 

Things you will see in Yellowstone National Park:

  • Bison, Elk, Birds, Brown Bears, Grizzly Bears, Tourists, A famous geyser, views on views, and all the other stuff you are going to see on social media. 
  • There are so many hikes. Waterfalls, flowers, grassy fields, mountains, rivers, etc. 
  • TIP: BRING A GOOD CAMERA LENS. If you see a bear you will want to take a photo of it. Your phone camera won't do it justice. 

Why this park is one of our favorites: 

Yellowstone has a rustic feel. It is so rich in history and there is so much to see and do. They also have some great local whiskeys and bourbons at the bars which make for great old fashions. The bears we saw on our hikes make this place super memorable. The geyser was also pretty amazing but we didn't have service to check the time of when it will erupt so we ended up waiting 45 minutes. So, double check the times when you have some wifi. 

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